10cc / The Original Soundtrack
Artist 10cc
Title The Original Soundtrack
Format LP
Released 1975
Catalog No SRM-1-1029
Label Mercury
A1. One Night in Paris (0:00)
A2. Same Night in Paris (0:00)
A3. Later the Same Night in Paris (0:00)
A4. I'm Not in Love (6:04)
A5. Blackmail (4:55)
B1. The Second Sitting for the Last Supper (4:23)
B2. Brand New Day (4:03)
B3. Flying Junk (4:10)
B4. Life is a Minestrone (4:30)
B5. The Film of My Love (5:03)
Notes Same as <a href="http://www.discogs.com/release/1289591">1289591</a> but has a different label layout.

? 1975 Phonogram Inc.

Produced & recorded by 10 CC at Strawberry Recording Studio (UK)

Mastered at I.B.C. Studios, London

including lyric sheet

Printed in USA
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