Led Zeppelin / Coda
Artist Led Zeppelin
Title Coda
Format CD
Released 1982
Catalog No 92444-2
Label Swan Song
1. We're Gonna Groove (2:37)
2. Poor Tom (3:02)
3. I Can't Quit You Baby (4:18)
4. Walter's Walk (4:30)
5. Ozone Baby (3:35)
6. Darlene (5:07)
7. Bonzo's Montreux (4:18)
8. Wearing and Tearing (5:28)
Notes Listening Dates:

Jimmy Page - electric & acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, backing vocal; Robert Plant - lead vocal, harmonica; John Paul Jones - bass, organ, backing vocal; John Bonham - drums, tympans, backing vocal; Recorded 09 January 1969 – 21 November 1978 Released 19 November 1982 ** "We're Gonna Groove" opens the album and, according to the album notes, was recorded at Morgan Studios in June, 1969. It was later acknowledged to have come from a January, 1970 concert at the Royal Albert Hall, with the guitar parts overdubbed and the original guitar part removed—this can be heard in the original Royal Albert Hall show on 9 January 1970. "Poor Tom" is from sessions for Led Zeppelin III, having been recorded at Olympic Studios in June 1970. "I Can't Quit You Baby" is taken from the same concert as "We're Gonna Groove" but was listed as a rehearsal in the original liner notes. The recording was edited to remove overall "live" feel: the crowd noise as well as the beginning and ending of the song were deleted. Crowd tracks were muted on the multitrack mixdown on this recording as with "We're Gonna Groove". "Walter's Walk" is from the 1972 Houses of the Holy sessions, although it has beeen speculated that it existed only as a basic backing track until Coda was assembled.[3] "Ozone Baby", "Darlene", and "Wearing and Tearing" are outtakes from the In Through the Out Door sessions in 1978, though the drum sound is mixed with more reverb than the recordings present on In Through the Out Door - a trademark of 1980s recordings. "Bonzo's Montreux" is a 1976 John Bonham drum instrumental with electronic effects added by Jimmy Page. This song would later be included on both boxed sets, first in a combined form with the studio version of Bonham's seminal Moby Dick drum solo on the 1990 Led Zeppelin boxed set, and as an individual track on the 1993 Led Zeppelin boxed set 2. ** Four bonus tracks were added to the remastered compact disc edition included in the career-spanning box set Complete Studio Recordings (Disc 10), and subsequent Definitive Collection Mini LP Replica CD Boxset. The bonus tracks were not included on any other versions of the album 9. "Baby Come On Home" (recorded 1968, appeared on Boxed Set 2, 1993) Berns, Page, Plant 4:30 10. "Travelling Riverside Blues" (recorded 1969, appeared on Boxed Set, 1990) Johnson, Page, Plant 5:11 11. "White Summer/Black Mountain Side" (recorded 1970, appeared on Boxed Set, 1990) Page 8:01 12. "Hey Hey What Can I Do" (recorded 1970, appeared on b-side to "Immigrant Song" single, 1970) Bonham, Jones, Page, Plant 3:55