Carole King / Rhymes & Reasons
Artist Carole King
Title Rhymes & Reasons
Format LP
Released 1972
Catalog No SP-77016
Label Ode Records
A1. Come Down Easy (3:05)
A2. My My She Cries (2:18)
A3. Peace in the Valley (3:20)
A4. Feeling Sad Tonight (3:11)
A5. The First Day in August (2:47)
A6. Bitter with the Sweet (2:24)
B1. Goodbye Don't Mean I'm Gone (3:33)
B2. Stand Behind Me (2:27)
B3. Gotta Get Through Another Day (2:33)
B4. I Think I Can Hear You (3:22)
B5. Ferguson Road (2:37)
B6. Been to Canaan (3:37)
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